Whistle Blowing Policy

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Auric Pacific Group Limited and its subsidiaries ("APGL") are committed to the highest possible standards of integrity, transparency and accountability, to safeguard shareholders' interest, and APGL's assets and reputation.

The whistle-blowing policy provides an independent feedback channel through which matters of concern about possible improprieties in matters of financial reporting or other matters may be raised by employees and external parties (the "Whistleblower") in confidence and good faith.

These matters of concern would be any conduct by a person or persons connected with APGL, which in the view of the Whistleblower acting in good faith, is dishonest, fraudulent, corrupt, illegal, unethical, an unsafe work practice, gross mismanagement or any other conduct which may cause financial or non-financial loss to APGL or be detrimental to the interests of APGL ("Reportable Conduct").

Reportable Conduct should be communicated to wb@auricgroup.com and this would be received by the chairperson ("ARC Chairperson") of the Audit and Risk Committee ("ARC") of the Board or an independent recipient appointed by the ARC Chairperson.

The ARC Chairperson may refer the Reportable Conduct to the ARC for deliberation, and thereafter the ARC may decide for the matter to be investigated internally or by a special committee convened for such purpose. Investigations may also be conducted with the assistance of external investigators or auditors appointed for such purpose, or reported to the relevant authorities.

APGL will protect the identity of the Whistleblower by giving a guarantee of anonymity (if anonymity is desired by the Whistleblower), bearing in mind, that in certain circumstances, the law may require disclosure of the identity of the Whistleblower in legal proceedings. However, reports received from Whistleblowers must be made in good faith and not be made recklessly, maliciously, and/or for personal gain.

To notify any Reportable Conduct, please click here.